Road Department

Gary Waller, Public Works Director

Alexandria Orr, Public Works Coordinator

P. O. Box 271

1862 Kaolin Rd.

Sandersville, GA 31082
Phone 478-552-5330
Fax 478-552-8052


Normal Hours of Operation:

7:00 am thru 3:30 pm Monday thru Friday

After hour emergencies – call 911

*For safety purposes and operational procedures, the Road Department will NOT accept work/emergency repairs/requests via Email or through this web page. They must be made via telephone, during normal hours of operation. You must be willing to provide your name, telephone number, and address. Any emergencies after hours should be directed to 911 via telephone.

Road Closures: Last update: 2/25/2020 as of 1:25 pm

  1. NEWS BRIDGE RD—From Wrightsville Riddleville Rd. to Hwy 231 (dirt portion only)
  2. EDWARDS FORD RD—From Wommack Brantley Rd. to Mt. Gilead Rd. (dirt portion only)
  3. UNION CHURCH RD—From address 579 to address 2648 (dirt portion only)
  4. WOOD RD—From address 1147 to Ohoopee Church Rd. (dirt portion only)
  5. FRANCIS BRIDGE RD—From New Pine Hill Church to address 4823 (dirt portion only)
  6. RACHELS RD—From address 718 to S. Indian Trail Rd. (dirt portion only)
  7. JACKSON RD—From Hwy 15 South to address 480 (dirt portion only)
  8. SUNHILL GRANGE RD—From Hwy 88 to Stonevalley Rd (dirt portion only)
  9. SUNHILL RD—From Freetown Rd to address 7725 (dirt portion only)


DEVELOPMENT PERMITS:  All Development Permits will be issued at the Washington County Road Department during the hours of 8AM to 3PM. These permits are required for new or used mobile homes, residential or commercial construction, remodels and new outbuildings over 400 square feet, new RV parks, mobile home parks, subdivisions with private roads and for new or rebuilt driveways. There are NO requirements for pools in the county. These permits require one or more site visits; turnaround time is typically 5 to 10 business days.

  • E911 Addresses are required for all county and city residents—$30
  • Residential construction, commercial construction and all mobile homes (new or used)— $60
  • Outbuildings, additions or carports over 400 square feet— $30
  • Pool houses, cabins, or apartments under 400 square feet— $30, over 400 square feet— $60
  • Subdivisions, RV parks, and mobile home parks— $200
  • Payments must be made via cash or check

Driveway policy:

  • Driveway applications may be filled out at Washington County Road Department; there is no cost.
  • Public Works Director or Code Enforcement Officer will do site inspection and approve driveway permit and advise land owner of size of pipe required.
  • Effective December 7, 2012: Washington County Road Department will no longer sell pipe.



Surplus Properties:

Used boards = $1 each. Used Pipes = $35 each. Used Grader Blades = $5 each. *Surplus properties are for all county citizens, not just Road Department employees and can be purchased at the Road Department during normal hours of operation.


Timber Permits:

Permits to begin a logging operation may be applied for at no cost at the Washington County Road Department during hours of operations. Copies of ordinance may be obtained by contacting Washington County Road Department.

Be prepared to provide the following:
1.    Valid and current logging operation bond of $5,000.00
2.    Name, address, and phone number of company posting bond, plus a contact person and their cell.
3.    Name, address, and phone number of company actually doing cutting, plus on site contact person and their cell.
4.    Names of trucking companies
5.    Name and address of landowner
6.    Map and parcel including copies of maps
7.    Road/street name where logging will take place.
8.    Number of acres to be harvested


Projects let for bids:
-no projects out for bids at this time

Current Major Road projects:
-no projects at this time

-no projects at this time


Abandoned Well policy:
It is the policy of the Washington County Board of Commissioners that when the County is requested to fill in an abandoned well, a fee of $350.00 will be charged and the fee must be paid in full before abandoned well will be filled in.  Also, the County will only fill in the abandoned well while on private property (no other work can be done).  Access to the well must be provided by the property owner.