Washington County Receives StormReady Recognition

Department: Washington County Emergency Management Agency
Contact Information: Russell Riner, EMA Director, 478-232-7025 firechief@sandersville.net

NOAA recognition highlights good practices by county

Sandersville, GA (July 9, 2015)

At the regular Washington County Commission Board Meeting on Thursday, July 9, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, was in attendance and recognized Washington County as a StormReady Community.

A framed recognition certificate along with a metal road sign was presented to Washington County stating that the county is a StormReady Community by the National Weather Service.

In order to receive such recognition by NOAA the county had to demonstrate competency in certain areas of storm preparedness such as providing timely alerts to the public and public safety agencies.

Other areas demonstrated were the abilities to have trained storm spotters and ways to communicate weather conditions to the National Weather Service during a severe weather event.

The Washington County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for severe weather preparedness for the community and is available to provide help in the emergency planning process.

The StormReady recognition is awarded for a three year period and has to be renewed by inspection through the National Weather Service.