Real Estate

The Washington County Clerk of Superior Court records, indexes, and safeguards all land and property records for Washington County. Land and property records include real estate deeds, plats, Uniform Commercial Code Filings (UCCs), and Liens. The Washington County Clerk of Superior Court also records Military Discharges free of charge to our Veterans. Our office is also responsible for recording partnerships and registering all trade names for businesses in Washington County carrying on any business under a trading name.

All real estate documents, including plats, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing, must be filed electronically, visit the electronic filing website. (O.C.G.A. §15-6-67)  The Clerk's Office provides a public computer terminal for access to the electronic filing portal.

Fees for Copies of Records

  • Copies - $1 per page (O.C.G.A. §15-6-77(g))
  • Certified Copies - $2.50 for the first page, $0.50 for each page thereafter (O.C.G.A. 15-6-77(g))
  • Self Represented Parties: We accept credit/debit cards, money orders, or cash, but no personal checks, for recording fees and copy fees. For copy fees paid by credit/debit card, there is a $10 minimum. If you have any questions or need assistance concerning real estate recordings or obtaining copies of real estate records, please contact Megan Cramer, Clerk, or Patricia Wilcher, Deputy Clerk.

Disclaimer: The Clerk of Superior Court is committed to providing quality customer service. However, the clerk's office cannot provide legal advice. If you have questions about what to file or your legal rights, please seek advice from an attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia.