Old Jail & Gazebo

The Old Jail

This Victorian Era conjoined jail and sheriffs' home was built in 1891 and is one of a few known to exist today. Very little has changed in the building since 1975 when it was last used as a jail. It was built of brick and stone with the intention of the appearance of a well-appointed dwelling. The sheriff storied was in the back part. The jail section still houses the original cells and locking mechanism. The Washington County Historical Society now houses the Old Jail Museum and Genealogy Research Center in the building. Mary Murphy December 2015.


The gazebo was built in 1898 on the courthouse grounds by Louis Cohen for his daughter Florence. The gazebo was used as a grandstand for the benefit of having outside symphonies. Florence was an avid music loves and sought a place for outside entertainment. In circa, 1900 a local band was formed and in honor of her, named the Florence Symphony. Many outside musical symphonies were held from the gazebo. In later years the gazebo was moved to its present location on the courthouse square and extensive renovations were made. The gazebo is still in use today. Mary Murphy January 2016