Emergency Management

Washington County Emergency Management Agency


Contact Information

Russell L. Riner
Emergency Management
125 Warthen St.
Sandersville, Ga. 31082
Alan Smith
Deputy Director,
125 Warthen St.
Sandersville, Ga. 31082

Emergency Dial: 9-1-1
Emergency Management Non-Emergency Office – Dial: 478-552-5477

Emergency Management

Washington County EMA coordinates the efforts of the county in the areas of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery from disasters and major emergencies that occur in the county.  An “All-Hazard” approach is used in emergency planning regardless of the cause or nature of the emergency.  Emergency Management anticipates emergencies, takes steps to prevent loss of life and property and provides quick response when disasters strike.  The EMA office and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located at 125 Warthen Street in the Sandersville Fire Station.The staff consists of a Director and a Deputy Director with support from all First Responder agencies in the County.

Some of the agencies responsibilities:

  • Maintain a workable Local Emergency Operations Plan.
  • Maintain the local Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Encourage and facilitate interagency cooperation and coordination of various local first responders and their departments.
  • Maintain the public notification system that disseminates emergency warning information to the public.
  • Maintain communication with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency as the liaison between the County and the State for resources needed when a disaster occurs.
  • Maintain records and prepare and submit quarterly and annual reports to GEMA to maintain the state’s requirements for counties to remain eligible for Federal funding.
  • Maintains the County Radio Communications System which is a digital trunked style system transmitting from three tower sites.

Click the Code Red Icon below to register your phone numbers to receive weather warnings and any other emergency messages that may be sent by the local emergency agencies. There is no cost for this service and it is for Washington County residents only.

Code Red Link


1500 Gallon Tanker for Rural Fire Support


County Rescue Truck










One of Three Radio Towers in Washington County


Fire Departments are trained to extricate victims from vehicles























The Washington County Emergency Management Agency works directly under the County Commissioners and County Administrator.  All City governments in Washington County have adopted the County’s emergency plans to cover their local jurisdiction.


Fire Departments in Washington County
Davisboro Fire Dept.– ISO Class 4/4X
208 South Main St.
Davidsboro, GA 31018
Deepstep Fire Dept.– ISO Class 5/5X
9353 Deepstep Road
Deepstep, GA
Harrison Fire Dept.– ISO Class 7/9
49 Donavan Rd.
Harrison, GA 31035
Oconee Fire Dept.– ISO Class 4/4X
144 Fairbanks St.
Oconee, GA 31067
Ohoopee Fire Dept.– ISO Class 9
2828 Mt Gilead Road
Tennille, GA 31089
Riddleville Fire Dept.– ISO Class 4/4X
10795 Highway 242
Riddleville, GA
Sandersville Fire Dept.– ISO Class 3/3X
125 Warthen St.
Sandersville, GA 31082
Tennille Fire Dept.– ISO Class 5/5X
110 Park St.
Tennille, GA 31089
Warthen Fire Dept.– ISO Class 4/4X
197 Warthen Lane
Warthen, GA 31094