2014 Tackle Football Information

tackle-footballCONTACT FOOTBALL










Coaches meeting: TBA

NYSCA tackle certification :TBA

**A minimum of 64 players – 4 teams of 16 players, will be needed to conduct this league. This league will not play out of town teams as in the past. If enough players sign up to form a league, games will be played at kaolin park.

Team Evaluations: All players must attend evaluations.

Weight Limit

Mite League will not have a maximum weight limit, but player weighing over 125 lbs. will be required to play on the line of scrimmage tackle to tackle.

Flea League will not have a maximum weight, but players weighing over 100 lbs. will be required to play on line of scrimmage tackle to tackle.

Midget League ( NOT OFFERED FALL 2012 or 2013) – maximum weight is 200 lbs. Players weighing over 135 lbs. will be required to play on the line of scrimmage tackle to tackle.

Age control is September 1, 2014; Mite; Flea cannot turn 9 before Sept. 1, 2014

Fee: $45; $50 at try-outs; future registration by waiting list only.

Equipment Issuance

Equipment will be issued on in the KP gym from 9:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M. The child must be present to try on the equipment, parents should prepare for long lines and waiting as each child must be properly fitted. Players will find out what team they are on at this time. If you miss this day, you must set up a time with staff personnel during team practice time to be fitted. Office staff will not be allowed to issue equipment to players or parents!

Children will be responsible for providing chin straps, mouth pieces and pants. These will be available for purchase from WCRD. Prices are as follows: Pants – $20; Chin Strap – $2; Mouth Piece – $1. Weight will be determined by the scales provided by the recreation department. There will be no exceptions. All players will be weighed in at evaluations. If a player’s weight doesn’t meet eligibility, parents and players will be talked to at evaluations. (Prices subject to change at a later date.)


Tackle Monday & Thursday 6:00-7:30 P.M. @ Kaolin Park F3 & F4, Tuesdays @ Kaolin Park Football/Soccer complex fields 6:00-7:30 P.M.

Flag Not was not offered Fall of 2012 or 2013.

Team Draft

These Meetings are for coaches only!

WCRD Policies:

Refunds: Refunds for withdrawal from a program which meets minimum enrollment will not be issued after the first meeting day.

Awards: In events where awards are given, only participants who complete the season will receive one unless injured. Awards must be picked up within 3 months of last day of the season. No awards will be given after this time period.

Program Cancellation: Some programs may be cancelled due to lack of participation. Those registered for a program which is cancelled will be notified and a full refund issued. If a player plays for a school team which competes against other schools, he/she will be ineligible to play in the WCRD league. Playing for a school team is defined as dressing out for at least one of their games. Junior league baseball participants are exempt from this rule.